Sewage Repair and Replacement

Signs That You Need To Repair Your Sewer System

A sanitary sewer is an underground system that transports sewage from commercial buildings and houses, through pipes, to treatment or disposal plants. Sanitary sewers form part of an overall sewage system, part of which is public domain maintained by your city or municipality.

Here are the warning signs that you need a sewer line repair:

  • Foul odor caused by sewage not reaching main sewer lines

  • Sewage back up in bathtub or toilet

  • Not enough water in toilet bowls

  • Flooding by sewage lines due to leaking pipe joints

  • Bathtub drains do not drain

Commercial Plumbers Can Resolve Sewer System Issues

Commercial plumbers inspect the damage, determine any material or equipment requirements, and design a solution to replace or repair pipes. They are also able to plan installations around obstructions such as main water lines or electrical wiring. They are able to install pipe assemblies, fittings, valves or fixtures such as sinks or toilets.

Some common problems with sewers include:

  • Sludge and sediment buildup

  • Tree roots

  • Pipe Corrosion

  • Weakening of pipe joints

  • Cracks in the pipeline

  • Sunken sewerage lines

Repairs can be costly, but waiting costs more in the long run and can prevent health issues associated with contaminated waste water.

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We place a sewer line camera into leaking or clogged sewers. The process is called sewer line camera inspection, which is performed using a complicated fiber optic camera. The camera is hooked up to a long cable that is fed into the drain pipe. It sends back images to a monitor so that the sewer repair professional can see directly into the problematic drain line.

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